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AU Crack Smex: Where the Crack Runs Just as Wild

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16th March 2004

rhythmic_karma5:28am: Pretty
I feel pretty ♥

oh so pretty ♥

I feel pretty and witty and GAY ♥!

Current Mood: tired

15th March 2004

yamabuki_lucky10:16pm: and I did 5th too post!!!

Lucky lil irish man. >:D

Current Mood: bouncy
southpaw_gaki10:27pm: xD
I r the.. fourth to post >.> dude that sucks xD I'm the mod and I'm just way behind.

Ryoma: mada mada dane.

Me: >.> shuddap. don't make me get sent to jail for child abuse man.
Current Mood: amused
mothercock7:17pm: I guess that makes me third.
subtleobsession10:12pm: RAWRR
So uhh.. Does that mean I'm the second to post here?
Current Mood: amused

16th March 2004

hyotei_passion10:56am: IYAm the first to post here!!!! BUAHAHAAHAH XD
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